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Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC (VB), headquartered in New York City, is a full life cycle investor, investing at all stages in companies, from inception, through growth, and to scale. We are, first, “company creation” investors, building market-leading companies with investors, research institutions, and with our in-house innovation team.  

Anthony, John and Marc Viscogliosi founded VB in 1999, with a passion for developing life changing NeuroMusculoSkeletal technologies. VB creates, finances and operates companies based on surgical innovation, and focused on addressing unmet clinical needs.

Our Philosophy

VB focuses on supporting growth by providing clinically-proven, data-driven product innovations. We adhere to our “More…Better…First!” philosophy, by acquiring MORE information and synthesizing it into BETTER quality knowledge, which allows us to ACT FIRST in accessing top research, understanding the competitive landscape and the market needs of the neuromusculoskeletal/orthopedic industry, and developing products that address those needs as rapidly as possible.  
VB invests in technologies whose applications benefit patients and the healthcare system, by improving care, expanding its availability and reducing costs. With enhanced data, VB identifies the technologies that best satisfy these criteria, transforming them into successful medical breakthroughs that enable patients to regain and maintain active and healthy lifestyles.

Our Story

Dearborn, Michigan, the year is 1976. A 14-year-old boy is struck by a speeding vehicle going through a yellow light, while riding his bicycle. He nearly dies. The accident results in significant orthopedic injuries to his leg, arm, head, face and neck. But thanks to excellent medical treatment, this boy will fully recover but with one leg shorter than the other, facial injuries and trauma.
The life changing experience, also deeply affects his brothers. As a result, the three boys are inspired and motivated to set on a journey. One that will help others overcome similar, debilitating injuries.

Those boys were Anthony, John and Marc Viscogliosi.

Fast forward to 2021, Anthony and his brothers, John and Marc, have created a successful firm, that for the past two decades has been leading innovation in the NeuroMusculoSkeletal market of the medical device industry, growing it into a leading global business.

What sets Viscogliosi Brothers apart from the rest?  Certainly, their drive in identifying cutting edge medical innovations and bringing them to market, but first and foremost, it is their Italian heritage and traditions, which translate into an innate ability for building businesses mindfully, with passion and integrity.  

Those same traditions have also allowed VB to build important global relationships in the industry attracting the best global talent to the firm.  

One of the brothers' favorite images is that of a Roman aqueduct: among the most important symbols of ancient Roman innovation, and its priceless contribution to society.

Viscogliosi Brothers strongly believe that innovation is the key to addressing social and global challenges – innovation is also a crucial element for living vibrant and healthier lives.

We are delighted to share our story and invite you to reach out to us for additional information.

Anthony, John & Marc Viscogliosi


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