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To consider any invitation to invest, we require a clear, succint business plan that outlines the opportunity and the potential of the investment. What's important to us is the quality of an idea, the nature of the oportunity, and the commitment management makes to achieving ambitious and attainable goals. 

While business plans come in many varieties, we look for several key elements when we evaluate a business plan.


The minimum information required to submit for an investment appraisal from Viscogliosi Brothers includes:

1. Overview of the investment opportunity, company overview, market opportunity, operational risks, timing, management team, and financials

1. What is the vision, mission and goals for years 1&2?
2. What are the strengths/ opportunities/ weaknesses and threats?

1. Business Model - Both a qualitative & quantitative explanation
2. How it started?
3. Where you are and where do you want to go?
4. Who are the owners?

1. What is going on in the industry (trends, procedures and surgeons)
2. Who are your customers and competitors?

1. Marketing Plan
2. How are operations executed?
3. What are the key variables?
4. Management team biographies

1. Historical and projected financials
2. P&L, BS, Cash Flow statements
3. Financing requirements

If you believe that your business meets the requirements we have outlined, we invite you to either contact us by email at or calling to make an appointment to meet with a VB principal. Our contact information is provided on the "Contact Us" page.

Financial Plan

Marketing Plan & Operation Plan

Market Analysis  

Company Description                                 

Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

Business Plan Outline 

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