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Anthony Viscogliosi to address World Obesity Crisis at Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit on October 14-16


New York, NY: October 2013 --- Anthony G. Viscogliosi, a prominent figure in the field of orthopedic devices, is to address next week’s 11th Annual Medical Innovation Summit in Cleveland on new technologies and education programs designed to aid and treat millions of patients worldwide diagnosed as obese and living with advanced forms of diabetes. The annual event is organized by Cleveland Clinic Innovations, ranked by the industry as one of the world’s top four leaders in healthcare corporate venturing. Mr. Viscogliosi, Principal of Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC in New York, is the only presenter from the orthopedics industry among more than 50 healthcare executives, investors and physicians speaking at the three-day event beginning on Monday, October 14.  The event has attracted more than 1,000 clinicians, investors and medical industry executives and marks the opening of the newly completed Cleveland Convention Center.   

“The well-established link between obesity, diabetes, and orthopedic disease is a salient issue among patients, physicians, providers, payers, and policymakers. Obesity now affects over 500 million patients worldwide, predisposing them to severe fracture patterns in the spine, pelvis, long bones, as well as the upper and lower extremities(1).  These patients tend to seek hip and knee replacements more than a decade earlier than non-obese patients,[2]  Mr. Viscogliosi noted.

According to a study by diabetes specialists Care Services, Inc., Type II diabetics, of whom up to 90% may also be obese, face radical surgery due to impaired circulation and nerve function, and infection[3].  “Our mission in orthopedics is to raise awareness of these findings and deliver innovative bone and joint treatments that can prevent amputation and help restore anatomical form, function and motion,” Mr. Viscogliosi said.  

According to the International Diabetes Federation,(4) 4.8 million people died of the disease in 2012 and the number of Americans suffering from diabetes will grow from 24 million in 2012 to nearly 30 million in 2030 – far outpacing the rate of US population growth. 

Diabetes is no longer confined to the US.  Six of the world’s top ten nations most affected by diabetes are in the Middle East and North Africa.  However, 20 percent of all adults with diabetes are in South-East Asia, notably 60 million in India and more than 90 million in China.[4]   

“What’s clear beyond the statistics,” Mr. Viscogliosi added, “is that obesity and diabetes have become a major global health problem.  The pace of medical innovation must accelerate to meet this challenge. Implementation of life-changing medical solutions and global patient awareness is fundamental to the successful, long-term management of what is now a global health problem.” 

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[3]  Care Services, Inc:
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About Small Bone Innovations, Inc.

Small Bone Innovations, Inc. (SBi) was founded in 2005 by Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC (VB), the  New York-based merchant banking firm that specializes in the neuro-musculoskeletal/orthopedics sector. SBi was the first company to focus purely on small bones and joints by integrating established companies and professionals in the field. It offers a broad, clinically proven portfolio of products and technologies to treat trauma and diseases in the small bones and joints. SBi has facilities in New York, NY, Morrisville, PA, Péronnas, France, Donaueschingen, Germany, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has sold its products in 41 countries.  

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