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Twin Star Medical

Twin Star Medical, is a privately held company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has an innovative and proprietary catheter based technology that can save the lives of patients suffering from brain swelling due to stroke, and patients suffering from compartment syndrome, using tissue ultra-filtration (TUF) as a minimally invasive procedure. 

The Company’s catheter based technology uses tissue ultra-filtration (TUF) as a minimally invasive early intervention. The main principle of TUF is that excess tissue fluid can be removed by placing semi-permeable catheters into the swollen tissues, and applying negative pressure, or suction. TUF catheters create a low-pressure area within the tissues, and this draws interstitial fluid to the catheters and out of the tissue. TUF has been shown to reduce tissue swelling in a series of animal studies.

The Company is undertaking a two-step development program with compartment syndrome milestones to be completed first. Product approvals will be obtained before or nearly the same time as widespread marketing should commence, with the completion of the human studies. It will be the first product to be developed that uses the same catheter design for both compartment syndrome and brain swelling applications.

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